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Whiskers Satan Perfume Eau De Parfum

Whiskers Satan Perfume Eau De Parfum

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Introducing our captivating and enigmatic fragrance. Inspired by the allure of the forbidden and the power of darkness, this perfume is a daring symphony that embraces the mysterious essence of the night. Unleash your inner rebel with notes that command attention from the very first encounter. A bewitching blend of smoldering spices, intoxicating florals, and deep woody undertones creates a fragrance that is both devilishly seductive and undeniably magnetic.

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Whiskers Satan Perfume EAU DE PARFUM 100ML is a long-lasting body spray perfume that exudes a captivating and alluring scent. This perfume offers a unique fragrance profile that combines notes of warmth, sensuality, and mystery, leaving a lasting impression. Long Lasting Body Perfume,Premium Fragrance Spray,Captivating Luxury Scent,Musk & Woody.


Spray approximately 6 inches away from your body. Suitable for daily and occasional use.


Keep away from heat and flame. For eternal use only. Avoid spraying in eyes. Keep out of reach of children.


100 ml


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