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Power Beard Oil For Patchy & Uneven Beard Nourishes for Longer and Thicker Beard Hair

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How to Apply

Beard Oil

We understand how struggling it is to get that desired beardy look and that is why we bring to you Whiskers Power Beard Oil which helps in fast beard growth and gives them the shine they deserve. With continuous use of beard growth oil, you will begin to see your beard grow faster, thicker and denser.
Whiskers Beard Oil is made from exotic and nourishing ingredients which make it perfect for getting thick, long and shiny beard.

Benefits of Beard Oil:

  • Whiskers Power Beard Oil gives you thick and healthy beard growth
  • It helps to maintain the shine of the beard
  • It also keeps the beard hydrated
  • Protects the beard from harsh and rough weathers – be it dry, hot, cold or humid
  • Makes your beard easy to manage

More Reason’s Why Whiskers Beard Oil Is One Of The Best Beard Oil?
  • Whiskers Beard Oil has anti-acne properties and thus is nourishing for the skin
  • Imparts pleasant aroma of lavender oil which not only gives you freshness but also promotes fastest beard growth
  • Free from all sort of chemicals
  • Made from natural ingredients which makes it a one of the best beard grooming product.

Ingredients of Whiskers Power Beard Oil

  • Apricot Oil (Prunus paradoxa): It stimulates the hair and cell growth. It is suitable for skin nourishment under the beard, which usually becomes dry and itchy. This oil keeps the skin and hair hydrated, which results in a soft and shiny beard.
  • Argan Oil (Argania): Argan Oil contains anti-acne properties and thus provides nourishment not only to the hair but also skin. Argan Oil makes the coarse hair of beard soft and also adds shine to it.
  • Wheat Germ Oil (Triticum Vulgare): This is added to Whiskers Beard Growth Oil to protect the skin from scars. It acts as a cleaner for both the hair and skin underneath as it is exposed continually to dust, heat and pollution. Such things when accumulated leads to acne, scars and other skin problems.
  • Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia Chinensis): This acts as a moisturizer for the hair follicles. It also gives makes the hair denser and thicker, thus providing a much-rejuvenated look.
  • Almond Oil: A potent ingredient which not only repairs the damaged hair but also treats hair loss issue of the beard. It promotes hair growth, thus making your beard thick and denser.
  • Grapeseed oil (Vitis vinifera): Grapeseed oil has a low viscosity, i.e. makes it thin and easy to absorb. It is an excellent moisturizing agent and fights against hair loss and dandruff. It conditions and hydrates the beard too.

How to Use Beard Oil?

Follow these steps to use the Beard Oil:

Step 1: Take a small amount of beard wash and lather up your beard. Wash with water and pat dry

Step 2: Take a few drops of Power Beard Oil in your palms and rub on your beard starting from the neck and going upwards steadily

Step 3: Make sure to rub the oil into the skin underneath the beard and now reverse the motion. Run your fingers from top to bottom, ensuring a comprehensive application of the oil in your beard.

So, did you see how simple was it to apply? You will slowly begin to notice the changes in your beard growth and grooming.

How to Maintain your Beard?

If you want that well-groomed masculine beard, which is in fashion, then you must have a set of Beard Grooming products with you:
  1. Beard Wash: A wash made exclusively for your beard and moustache which deeply cleanses the hair and skin from all the dust you have attracted throughout the day. It is made from botanical ingredients, this wash has retained the moisture and repairs the damaged skin cells. It keeps the irritation and itching in control while promoting hair growth along with silkiness and softness.
  2. Beard Oil: Whiskers Power Beard Oil is best suited for fast beard growth. If you have a patchy beard, this is a must-buy for you!

Why Buy from

Whiskers carefully craft their products with ingredients which have therapeutic properties to help you maintain your beard. The combination of ingredients in the Beard Oil not only targets fast beard   growth but also helps in combating other challenges such as retaining moisture, treating acne and scars, giving you frizz-free and soft beard.

Whiskers is specialized in Men’s Grooming products, and Power Beard Oil is one of their most promising product by Whiskers. We understand the issues associated with beard growth, such as itching and irritation, hence after multiple lab testing’s, have introduced Beard Oil which can reduce these. So, get all set with your new goal for grooming with Whiskers Beard Grooming Products.


  1. How many times should I Apply Beard Oil?
You can apply Beard Oil twice a day for better results, once after your morning shower and once before your bedtime.
  1. Should I immediately wash the beard after applying Beard Oil?
Let the beard and skin absorb the oil completely, and thus it is recommended to leave it for a few hours. Beard Oil will keep your beard moisturized and hydrated.
  1. Can I use shampoo to wash off my beard after application of oil?
Shampoos rip off the moisture from beard thus making it coarser. It is best to use Beard wash from Whiskers which has the right ingredients to groom your beard, giving it 3C’s - softness, shine and strength.
  1. I have a patchy beard; will this Beard Oil help me grow the hair on the patches?
If you have a patchy beard, then it is recommended to use this Beard Oil along with beard wash from Whiskers twice daily. This combo products help in triggering the growth of new hair, and you will begin to notice that your beard is getting thicker.
And bingo! You are all geared up to become the center of attraction with all eyes rolling on you. For best results use Invigorating Beard Wash and Beard Growth Oil every morning & night before sleep.
Happy Grooming!
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Power Beard Oil For Patchy & Uneven Beard Nourishes for Longer and Thicker Beard Hair Sale priceRs. 349.00 Regular priceRs. 425.00