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Invigorating Beard Wash Infused with Vitamin E Sweet Almond & Wheat Germ Oil

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How to Apply 

Beard Wash/Shampoo

Beard and moustache attracts a lot of dust, impurities and polluting chemicals which in return damages facial hair. Whiskers Invigorating Beard Wash cleanses away all the unwanted particles.

It hydrates and moisturizes your beard and the skin beneath. Washing your beard with Whiskers beard wash will retain the moisture of the beard, which otherwise would be lost, leading to frizzy and brittle hair. If you have got that thick beard then maintaining that is no less than a responsibility.

Benefits of Whiskers Beard Wash

  • Cleans the beard thoroughly
  • Gives a pleasant fragrance to the beard
  • Keeps the beard hydrated and moisturised
  • Provides a smooth and shiny look to the beard
  • Keeps the beard free from frizz

Why Buy Whiskers Beard Wash?

  • Made from rich ingredients
  • It strengthens the beard quality and reduces the itching and irritating too
  • No side effects or allergies
  • Promotes hair growth and repairs damaged skin cells
  • Gently removes all the dirt and dust from the beard
  • Easy to use and gentle on skin and hair

Ingredients of Whiskers Beard Wash

  • Wheat Germ Oil (Triticum Vulgare): This oil makes your beard grow fast as it nourishes and strengthens the hair.
  • Apricot Oil (Prunus paradoxa): This oil imparts the beard wash anti-inflammatory properties, thus reducing the inflammation, redness and itchiness of the beard.
  • Aloe Vera Extract: It hydrates and nourishes both the skin and hair. Solves your dandruff problems and gives a lustre to your beard.
  • Glycerine: Glycerine attracts moisture to the beard and also the skin underneath. It reduces the brittleness of the hair and also helps in treating the dry beard hair.
  • Vitamin E: This vitamin increases the follicular growth, thus giving you a full head of hair. It also nourishes the skin by increasing the blood circulation.
  • Perfume-q.-s: As the name suggests, it imparts fragrance to the beard, moustache or scalp.
  • Phenoxyethanol: A preservative commonly used in beard wash, shampoo and face wash to prevent the growth of microbes.
  • Capryloyl Glycine: A functional ingredient of Beard wash which protects the skin from acne as it can control the sebum production.
  • Undecylenoyl Glycine: It has anti-bacterial properties and another essential function which is to condition the hair.

How to Use Beard Wash?

Using beard wash is simple and here are the steps:

Step 1: Moisten your face and beard with clean and freshwater.

Step 2: The best part of this Whiskers beard wash is that you need a small amount of the wash and lather it up on your beard and moustache.

Step 3: Move your palm in a circular motion to thoroughly lather up the wash. This way you will be able to remove all the dust and dirt from beard and moustache.

Step 4: Now wash off this foam with clean water properly.

Step 5: Pat dry with a clean towel after you have washed your beard and moustache. You will feel fresh, clean and set to style your beard.

How to Maintain Your Beard?

  1. Beard Oil: Beard Oil from Whiskers is crafted with exotic ingredients which will nourish your beard hair and skin. These ingredients are functional, which strengthens the hair, promotes hair growth, moisturizes the skin. You can use this beard oil twice a day to have amazing results.
  2. Beard Wash: A gentle wash designed to groom your beard is a must-have product for men. This wash is definitely better than any shampoo as it is gentle on the beard, make it strong and frizz-free. It cleans the beard and moustache thoroughly and makes it look fresh.

Beard Wash FAQ’s

  1. I have dry skin and suffer from itchiness whenever I grow a beard. What is the solution?
Dry skin usually causes itchiness; hence, you need to use beard oil and beard wash, which will hydrate the skin and also keeps it moisturized. Consequently, you will begin to notice a reduction in itchiness, and you will be able to style your beard like a pro!
  1. I want to style my moustache. Will this beard wash help?
Beard washes can be aptly applied to moustache too. Growing moustache requires thorough cleaning along with oiling, so you can try out Whiskers beard wash and beard oil to groom your moustache.
  1. I have a thick but curly beard, how do I make it soft?
Beard hair is often curly, brittle and coarse. To soften it and make it manageable, you must start using beard wash and beard oil which makes the hair softer, shinier.
  1. I have waves and swoops in my beard, and it is messing my grooming routine. What do I do about it?

Beard is curly, brittle which forms waves in a weird direction. You can effectively beat this challenge with Whisker’s beard oil and beard wash. The ingredients of these products will groom your beard, make it soft and gives it a direction to grow.

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Invigorating Beard Wash Infused with Vitamin E Sweet Almond & Wheat Germ Oil Sale priceRs. 299.00 Regular priceRs. 395.00