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Hair Serum Vitalised with Baobab Oil,Argan Oil & Vitamin E

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How to Apply 

Whiskers Hair Serum is rich with all the nutrients that are essential to maintain sheen of your hair and grow healthy hair. It contains baobab oil and argan oil, a blend termed to be the elixir of all hair problems. Its concoction hydrates, moisturizes and repairs damaged hair while triggering new hair growth. In addition, the serum is fortified with UV shield protection, amino acids, ceramides and silicon to nurture the crown of your head. Our hair serum is suitable for everyday use and can be used for frizzy curly or damaged hair. Hair serum keeps the hair healthy and prevents dandruff and fungal infections to scalp.

Do you have frizzy and curly hair which gets detangled after wash? Then, Whiskers hair serum is for you. Whiskers hair serum is easy to apply and rich in nutrients. Be it dandruff or fungal infections, hair fall or dry hair, Whiskers Hair Serum is a perfect solution to all these problems. Fortified with nutrients for UV shield, it protects the hair from damage from both sun and dust.

Benefits of Hair Serum:

  • Provides nutrients to the hair
  • Anti-frizz product
  • It will start new hair growth
  • Keeps hair healthy
  • Maintains hair sheen
  • Protects hair from UV
  • Keeps scalp away from dandruff and anti-fungal infection

Why Buy Whiskers Hair Serum?

  • Easy to apply
  • Non-greasy with a pleasant aroma
  • Repairs the damaged hair
  • Hydrates and keeps hair moisturized, hence apt for men with dry hair

Ingredients of Whiskers Hair Serum

Here are the ingredients of Whiskers Hair Serum
  • Cyclopenasiloxane: This ingredient makes the hair soft, silky and smooth
  • Octyl Methoxycinnamate: It protects the hair from UV damage
  • Vitamin E: It is an antioxidant in nature which strengthens the hair and helps in hair growth
  • Baobab Oil: It helps in keeping itching and inflammation in control. It also nourishes the hair follicles and scalp
  • Argan Oil: This ingredient maintains hair elasticity and brings back the shine to the dull hair
  • Fragrance: This gives a pleasant aroma to the product

How to Use Hair Serum?

Whiskers offer one of the best hair serums for men which, when applied daily, can bring back shine and life to your dull and damaged hair. Here are the steps which will guide you to use hair serum:
Step 1: Shampoo and rinse your hair thoroughly
Step 2: Take a small of hair serum on your hand and rub it on your palms
Step 3: Gently apply on your damp or dry hair

How to Maintain A Good Hair?

Good hair comes when right ingredients are applied on your hair and after multiple lab testing’s, Whiskers started manufacturing this Hair Serum which has elements which can bring shine, silkiness and promote hair growth. Whiskers offer a wide range of hair grooming products for men which can protect hair from damage, UV, dandruff and fungal infections. Here is the list of products which you can start using:
  1. Hair Growth Oil: It contains a plethora of ingredients which can boost hair growth and repair the damaged hair. Apply this oil regularly to reduce hair fall and experience the re-growth of hair.
  1. Hair Gel: Hair gel is applied on wet hair to maintain the desired style for all day.
  1. Hair Pomade: Formulated with nourishing ingredients, hair pomade not only nurtures it but also helps in maintaining a just combed look. The ingredients help in holding the style and giving it a natural look.
  1. Hair Serum: One of the best uses of hair serum is to trigger the growth of hair, and this will also bring shine to the hair. Made from nourishing ingredients, it repairs the damaged hair and protects from damage due to harsh weather. 


  1. When to apply the hair serum?
After you shampoo the hair, you can apply Hair Serum on damp or dry hair.
  1. Will Hair Serum from Whiskers contribute to hair fall if I use it daily?
No, the ingredients like Baobab Oil and Argan Oil, it will strengthen the hair and trigger new hair to grow
  1. I have dandruff and oily hair; can I use it?
Yes, without any doubt, you can use this Hair Serum, and you will notice how fungal infection or dandruff has reduced.
  1. What is the mode of payment?

You can make online payment via cards, e-wallets or COD.

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Hair Serum Vitalised with Baobab Oil,Argan Oil & Vitamin E Sale priceRs. 349.00 Regular priceRs. 550.00