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Hair Care Products

Hair Serum
    • Gives a shiny,  frizz free,  and healthy look to your hair
    • Prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth
    • Helps in hair straightening and managing tangles
    • Hydrates dry hair and protects from dust and dampness
    • Nourishes scalp and protects for UV
    • Adds pleasant aroma to hair
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      It all starts with using legitimate hair grooming products according to hair anatomy, which can keep your hair robust and crinkle free.

      Whiskers Hair Serum with Argan Oil and Baobab Oil contains powerful properties that manages you hair all day long. It has volatile silicons that vaporizes low in heat and maintains the balance. The silicon coating protects your hair from UV and acts as a shield. It hydrates your hair and can be used as a perfect pre-styler giving your hair a healthier, shinier and frizz free look.