Men’s grooming has attained extensive transformation over the years.

For starters, we have definitely come a long way from washing our faces with Spring water being our only grooming regimen.

And while on one side, the growth in grooming can be attributed to growing awareness; the slowness and reluctance in the same is a result of preconceived notions about Men and their Manliness.

Men in order to qualify as manly are expected to be rough, rugged, built like The Rock; basically adding up to dirty, ungroomed and shabby.

This unrealistic, stereotypical image that has been created of a ‘Man’ has been the biggest hindrance to Men and how they groom themselves.

And we, at whiskers, intend to take Men’s grooming to a place devoid of such baseless, conservative stereotypes.

Whiskers is for the real men.

Men who still know what chivalry is, what emotion is. Men who don’t live behind an image they think is the only one acceptable to the society. Men who know how to express themselves, how to be soft, how to be what they’re warned against.

Men who don’t think breaking hearts or not giving a f*** is cool, but actually know how to be there till the end. Men who care about the people around them and themselves alike.

Whiskers is for men who break shackles and kill stereotypes. Men who are not afraid to be all that they can be, all that they want to be.

Whiskers is for men who dare. Whiskers is for men who care.