Whiskers Tattoo Cream + Tattoo Balm Combo


Get tattooed, get whiskered.

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Tattoo Aftercare

Whiskers tattoo aftercare products are 100% Natural and made of high quality ingredients which helps is fast healing of fresh tattoos without and skin infection or swelling. Theses products also help in enhancing tattoo colours and tattoo shine. It has anti-fading agents for long life of your tattoos.

Combo: Tattoo Balm + Tattoo Cream

This combo combine of a tattoo balm and tattoo cream.

Whiskers Tattoo Cream is an impeccable tattoo moisturizer which will give your tattoo a Matt finish look. It is non-sticky and helps in tattoo healing.

Whiskers Tattoo Balm (also known as Tattoo Shiner) is ideal for maintaining the shine and color of your tattoo. Its also Hydrates the skin and keeps skin infections away.

When you have invested so much on getting inked, why not protect it. This combo pack of tattoo balm and tattoo cream will keep your skin hydrated and soft. Absolutely safe for all skin types, these tattoo aftercare products will revitalize your skin incredibly.