Whiskers Aloe Vera Body Lotion


Whiskers Advanced All Day Body Lotion with Aloe Vera & Cocoa Butter refresh and cools down your skin
Contains Green Tea Extract and Cucumber Extract
Non Sticky Fast Absorbing formula suitable for all skin types

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Embrace the luxurious harmony of nature with our Whiskers Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Cucumber, and Cocoa Butter Body Lotion, a masterpiece crafted to cater to all skin types. Immerse yourself in a nourishing oasis, where the soothing touch of Aloe Vera, invigorating essence of Green Tea, refreshing crispness of Cucumber, and the decadent indulgence of Cocoa Butter come together in perfect unison. This transformative body lotion promises to envelop your skin in a cocoon of hydration, leaving it feeling deeply rejuvenated, supple, and irresistibly soft.