Whiskers Elegant Beard Comb


Untangle your beard with this sleekly designed Elegant Beard Comb from Whiskers. Styling your beard was never so hassle free and comforting!

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Grooming can be fun when you are in the best company. Elegant Beard Comb from Whiskers is your true aid which comes handy to give your beard a quick rejuvenating massage and detangles your hair smoothly. It’s thoughtfully designed bristles sweep through your hairs, straightening them and giving them a glossy sheen. Elegant beard comb works best in combination with Power beard oil from Whiskers. Apply the beard oil and slowly move Elegant beard comb in your mane to help penetrate the oil nicely into the skin follicles for added nourishment. Thereafter you can proceed to style your beard in the way you want.

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